About B2BeeMatch

The B2BeeMatch platform was created by and for small and medium businesses.

It can be challenging to scale up, outsource and find the right clients. The stakes are high and you have to trust the businesses you deal with. And small businesses are drastically underserved—even though we’re crucial to the economy.

As we all know, bailouts, tax breaks and giant grants are designed for big businesses, not small ones. We SMEs have to take matters into our own hands. Fortunately, that’s exactly what B2BeeMatch is designed for. B2BeeMatch helps SMEs thrive!

B2BeeMatch was created to help make it more efficient for you to scale your business. Matchmaking reduces your opportunity cost by helping you save money on travel, networking events, and other costly approaches to expansion and client-seeking.

In short, B2BeeMatch helps you find the right capabilities at the right time.
Why business matchmaking?

Companies that want to outsource or partner often face challenges when it comes to finding a business that fits.
  • If you use a search engine, you’ll see the companies with the best SEO. They may rank high in your search results, but that tells you nothing about the quality of their work.
  • You could ask someone for a recommendation. But what if the people in your network don’t know the right companies or don’t understand what you need?
  • You could check out a popular business networking site—but it’s tailored to individuals, not companies.
  • You could attend a business networking event, but that’s a scattershot approach. It takes a lot of effort and there’s no guarantee that you’ll meet people who are offering what you need.
Growth isn’t easy... but B2BeeMatch can help!

If you’re a company seeking new business, you may be facing challenges connecting with potential clients.
  • Marketing is costly and targeting can be complicated. This is especially true for small and medium businesses that may not have the deep pockets of a giant corporation.
  • Contacts may send you business, but they may not fully understand what you’re offering.
  • Business networking events are hit and miss. You might get lucky, but you might not, and it eats up a ton of time and energy.
Business matchmaking gives you a real advantage, saving you time, money and risk—you can get what you need as a growing business without leaving it up to chance!
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