A matchmaking service for small and medium businesses with big plans.

Connect with other SMBs locally and globally

Whether you need to partner, hire, outsource, collaborate or generate leads, you've come to the right place. Connect with the businesses you need - across the street and around the world.
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B2BeeMatch is where companies connect .
Use your profile to show what makes your company unique.
You can offer a wide range of services on B2BeeMatch.
You’ll be matched with companies that need your services.
Once you’ve matched, connect using our on-platform messaging service.
Register today. It’s free! brings you business matchmaking like it’s never been done before!

The matchmaking platform where companies can find service providers of all kinds—legal, HR, project management, accounting, marketing, design and beyond.

B2BeeMatch and ICC bring you business matchmaking like it’s never been done before.

Connecting with the right business is hard. But the International Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with B2BeeMatch to make it easier for you to find the services your small or medium business needs to succeed.

Are you a business seeking new clients?

We'll match you with organizations that are looking to hire you for what you do best.

Are you a business looking to scale up with the help of specific services?

We’ll match you with exactly the organizations you need.

Are you a business seeking to outsource elements of a time-bound project?

We’ll match you with the perfect company to help you get to the finish line.

Outsource with confidence.

B2BeeMatch can connect you with local companies so you can scale up and with on-the-ground companies in the places you’re targeting for international expansion.
Just remember, we’re not a marketplace—we're a matchmaking service! B2BeeMatch is for companies that want to work together, not sell products to each other.
Your business can bee more.

If you want to scale up, B2BeeMatch can help you bring in the expertise you need to fill out your offer so you can focus on your core business.
If you’re looking for new clients, B2BeeMatch can help you connect with companies that need what you have to offer.
And if you want both? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
Enjoy borderless business.

We’re here to amplify your opportunities by creating a borderless business world. With B2BeeMatch, you can find your perfect fit anywhere across the globe. Discover exactly what you need instead of defaulting to companies that feel familiar.
Meaningful matches
Vetted companies
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Knowledge centre
Using a proprietary algorithm, B2BeeMatch carefully matches hiring companies with companies offering services. We’re constantly improving and honing this process to offer you better matches based on the details you provide.
We vet every company that joins B2BeeMatch. We look at a wide range of criteria to confirm companies' legitimacy and we verify all their claims. For instance, if a company indicates they're woman-led, we make sure there’s actually at least one woman at the helm. Check out our FAQ for more info!
B2BeeMatch will soon be launching the Knowledge Centre, filled with useful tools for your business—webinars, videos, checklists, and more. Tons of knowledge in just a few clicks! The content in the Knowledge Centre will come directly from our members, giving you a peek at their expertise to make your business life easier.